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Kirk Davis, PE

Managing Partner


Re-using our built environment is an adventure; an endless series of puzzles. The story of our buildings and spaces continues to be written as long as they survive, and we have great opportunity as designers, builders, and developers of our spaces to write the best new history we can for them.


I’m a creative thinker, a builder and a re-builder, a student and a strategist. With an engineering background in both new and existing construction, I have straddled the line of designing the built environment and working with the already built environment. I’ve experienced the transformation of many spaces and am fascinated time and again. I’ve had the privilege to work in both design and construction, culminating in my family home which I designed and developed.


It is our duty to learn from our past and to responsibly shape our future; this includes the buildings and spaces we inherit. I have found that charting the future of our buildings and sites benefits from a curiosity for the past, a pragmatic approach to the present, and a healthy dose of patience. Our buildings are only getting older; with recent shifts in how we use our space and an increasing responsibility to be resourceful, there is a great demand for strategic re-imagining of the built environment.

Building Assessment

Strategic Creative Reuse Planning

Structural Engineering

MN Licensed Professional Engineer

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